Al Gore at PSFK Gaming For Good Event-60

Best of Zemoga 2011: Al Gore, Gaming for Good & Climate Trail

We wrote about this exciting happening pretty recently, but it definitely belongs in this “Best Of 2011″ list. Zemoga’s concept, Climate Trail, was selected by former Vice President Al Gore as  one of the top three most innovative games as part of PSFK’s Gaming For Good challenge.

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Top Five: Apple Misfires

In light of yesterday’s post from Dan Licht, we thought it would be fun to take a look at some misfires from ghosts of Apple past.

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World Usability Day in Colombia 2011

For the second consecutive year, World Usability Day will be held in Bogota on 11th November at the Escuela Colombia de Ingeniería Julio Garavito. The event, that since 2005 is held simultaneously in over 40 countries, is calling designers, engineers, advertisers, and digital media producers to promote and share knowledge about product design and more user-friendly, [...]

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